The Horror Lovers


There’s this comic I want to tell you about. It’s called The Horror Lovers and its a comedy/horror thing and its gonna be really good. You’ll love it. Just look at that cool cover up there! 

It’s written by Valerie D’Oarzio who’s written some other cool things like The Punisher and Emma Frost.

And its gonna be drawn by me and its going to look really sweet. I’m doing something a little different here. A little more exaggerated, a little more animated. Its going to be a lot of fun and I need your help to do it.

We’re running a kickstarter to fund the first issue. I would very much like for you to pitch in and tell all your friends to kick in too. This is a better, more worthy project than potato salad, I promise.

Lets look at the best case scenario, shall we? BEST CASE, we get funded, we finish the first issue. You get your reward, which is a great looking comic that’s a lot of fun. We get a spectacular first issue that gets picked up by a major publisher and blows up as the most popular comic in the world! Movies, TV, toys and video games follow! And you were there at the start. You helped make it happen. That’s BEST CASE, mind you.

Let’s look at the worst case. WORST CASE, you helped a couple of independent comic creators realize their goals and got a comic that looks nice, you guess but isn’t really your thing. Well, if helping people is the worst case, than we’re not doing to bad, are we?!?

Of course there’s a worse WORST CASE. What if I die in a car accident or have a brain aneurism or suffer a fatal puppy overdose before I finish the book?!? This is WORST CASE, mind you. In that case, Val will get someone else to draw it, I’ll get a nice memorial page in the front, and you’ll get a great looking comic that’s fun to read. Plus you will have helped fulfill my final wish before I shuffled off this mortal coil. Would you refuse me my FINAL WISH?!?

Anywhere, there’s much better incentives on the kickstarter page. Go peruse the rewards list, and check out some of the art. We thank you for your continued support!

-Bobby Timony

The Horror Lovers -- Kicktraq Mini

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