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The Horror Lovers

There’s this comic I want to tell you about. It’s called The Horror Lovers and its a comedy/horror thing and its gonna be really good. You’ll love it. Just look at that cool cover up there!  It’s written by Valerie D’Oarzio who’s … Continue reading

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Sir Roland #3

Attention Twinions and all fans of Sir Roland, the magical suit of armor that thinks its a knight. Issue three of the continuing adventures of Sir Roland will be available tomorrow, July 9th on Comixology, written and drawn by Peter … Continue reading

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Top Five properties I’d love to work on.

I’ve always believed that working on an established property would help my career by raising my professional profile and introducing new fans to my work, and the pay would be nice… But there are some properties out there that I’d … Continue reading

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Print on Demand

For those of you who’ve asked, I had my new art book printed at Ka-Blam.com, and I can’t recommend them enough! They offer a quality product, highly competitive rates and the best customer service around. For aspiring artists: I do enjoy … Continue reading

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Bobby DRAW!

This week at New York Comic-con, I’ll be debuting my new art/comics book Bobby DRAW!  Bobby DRAW! is a collection of artwork from my Bobby DRAW! Tumblr blog and comics drawn by me and featuring comic short stories written by … Continue reading

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Another great Night Owls review

This bares repeating: People really like the Night Owls. For example, Here’s Katie, of the “Life with Katie” blog, offering another great review of the book. Thanks, Katie! http://www.lifewithkatie.com/2012/05/comic-book-review-night-owls.html

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Schmuck: The Burning!

Hey everyone! Please take a moment to read this new short story written by Seth Kushner and illustrated by me. Its pretty different from some of the other stuff I’ve drawn, but it was fun to stretch my comics muscles … Continue reading

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The Wonder Twins

Presented here is my pitch for the Wonder Twins for DC Comics. This is a property that I’d really love to work on for a few reasons. As a twin myself, i have a real affinity to twin characters, and … Continue reading

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Sunday Comics: SuperCop, K9!

Here’s a four page entry into an anthology that Peter is writing called “The Peripheral Adventures of SuperCop”. Although this story features SuperCop pretty prominently, most of the stories in the anthology will feature other characters whose lives are in … Continue reading

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Sunday Comics: Twilight Zone

I love the Twilight Zone, and I also love that almost all the episodes are availabe for streaming through Netflix! (Seriously, though. Where’s season four?) The show inspired me to write a short Twilight Zone comic, which I did. I … Continue reading

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