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Bobby DRAW!

This week at New York Comic-con, I’ll be debuting my new art/comics book Bobby DRAW!  Bobby DRAW! is a collection of artwork from my Bobby DRAW! Tumblr blog and comics drawn by me and featuring comic short stories written by … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Goblin Hood!

I’m pleased to announce that this October Goblin Hood will be appearing on the excellent comics app Double Feature.  For those who don’t know, Double Feature is a great comics app where you can buy two 8 page comics for … Continue reading

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Thor vs. the Nail

‘Nuff said.

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Batman and Beastman from Boston

Here’s a pair of Sketches I did at Boston ComicCon last weekend. The first one is Batman: Next up is Beastman: Here’s the thing about Beastman. I made it my mission at Boston Comic Con to buy a Beastman action … Continue reading

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Bunnies Everywhere

Today I make my Act-I-Vate debut with an 8 page installment in their Anthology series, “Everywhere”. The series, written by Chris Miskiewicz, explores slice of life tales that are interrupted by hoards of animals. My entry is “Bunnies Everywhere” and … Continue reading

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Pre-Historic Fantastic Four

I’ve always been fascinated with pre-historic humans and the wonderful wildlife they interacted with. I’ll read any article on whatever new discoveries are challenging what we thought we new, and I love those documentaries where they digitally recreate what the … Continue reading

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30 Characters, Day #13 & #14: Boubo & Kiki

Can you guess who’s who?

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30 Characters, Day #11: Tusker

Back in the days before Science, men found the bones of Woolly Mammoths and put them together incorrectly, mistakenly believing they had discovered the remains of a giant humanoid cyclops. But what if they weren’t mistaken at all?

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Luna Lovegood and some thestrals.

Over at the Comic Social Club I posted a drawing of Luna Lovegood with some thestrals as part of Harry Potter week. I’ve had a request to see the original black and white art, so here it is. First the … Continue reading

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30 Characters, Day #10: Stabby Abby

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