Print on Demand

For those of you who’ve asked, I had my new art book printed at, and I can’t recommend them enough! They offer a quality product, highly competitive rates and the best customer service around.

For aspiring artists: I do enjoy looking at portfolios at conventions and offering critiques, but I have to say, I think its better to bring a printed comic book than a portfolio for a number of reasons.

1. Portability. They’re easy to carry and you can give them away. Everybody loves comics, and most people at cons will accept and even read a free comic book.

2. Storytelling skills. Too many portfolios are filled with pretty pinups. Thats great, but people who hire artists will focus on your storytelling. Having a comic highlights this skill.

3.  Follow through. Many artists are easily distracted types who lack the discipline to finish a project. Show potential employers that you can see a project through to the end by giving them a complete comic book.

4. Learn by doing. You don’t become a quality cartoonist by taking expensive classes (although that does help). You become a quality cartoonist by working every day. Draw a whole comic book and have it printed. This shows people that you’re not pretending to be a comics artist. You ARE a comics artist with tangible results to your efforts.

5. Its cheap. With all the quality P.O.D. places out there (like Ka-Blam), with no minimum print runs, having a professionally printed book is easier and more affordable than ever.

That’s my advice. Now go MAKE COMICS!

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