Monster Pin-Up Girls

Peter and I had an idea to make a deck of cards featuring Monster Pin-Up Girls! Great idea, right? So the goal is to post a new pin-up girl once or twice a week on my tumblr blog and at the end of the year we should have enough to make a deck of cards. Thats the plan.

Here's the current design for the back of the cards.

And here's a few of the pin ups! I'll add more as I do them, so check back in every now and then.

Death Famine Pestilence War


wind fire earth water





Whattayathink so far?


11 Responses to Monster Pin-Up Girls

  1. Rob Pivarnik says:

    I love your work. But you already knew that.

    As a HUUUUGE fan of classic monster movies, I look forward to the rest of the set, and hope you plan to think outside the box and include such characters as:

    The Invisible (Wo)Man
    (Mrs.) Creature from the Black Lagoon
    (Queen) Kong

    But don’t forget the lesser-known but ever-popular Wasp Woman, 50-Foot Woman, and She-Wolf of London.

    I can’t wait to see who you pick as your joker. Can you use Roscoe-in-drag, or does DC own him now?

    Happy West Coasting.


  2. Bobby Timony says:

    Great suggestions, Rob! I can tell you that Jekyll and Hyde, pictured above will serve as our Jokers. We will be including the She-Wolf, the Creature and the 50 foot woman, along with some other surprises.

  3. EltonBM says:

    Hey guys, really nice works! What do you think about the idea of adding more monsters ladies from other cultures, not only pop-culture? There are crazy things in Brazilian, Mexican, Japanese and Germanic culture. Anyway, nice works!

  4. Fantastic work, love the pin up designs on the cards!! These would surely be a hit!

  5. I think it looks great, and I think my palls over at would like to help you make this deck a reality. You’d have access to hundreds of minds/collectors as you go through the creatvie process. Not to mention we have artists and deck designers who have successfully pulled this off in the past. Swing by!

  6. Bobby Timony says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely check it out!

  7. Ben says:

    Amazing stuff! I love them all… and would like to echo Rob’s request for an Invisible Woman and the 50 Foot Woman.

    And if you need more monsters to flesh out your series, maybe you could go with some of the old Japanese monster movies like Godzilla, etc.

  8. Bobby Timony says:

    Thanks Ben! The invisible woman and the 50 foot woman will definitely be included. Not sure about Godzilla…

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  10. Have these gone up for sale?

    Because I want you to take my money!

  11. Bobby Timony says:

    Not yet. I have plans though.

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