Timony Twin Appearances 2017!

Its time to mark up your calendars, you legions of Timony Twin fans! Heres where and when you can relentlessly stalk the brothers Timony in 2017! I’ll update this post as new appearances pop up!

February 18-19, Long Beach Comic Expo, Long Beach CA

You can find Bobby at Artist Alley table G4.

March 31-April 1, Wondercon, Anaheim CA

Bobby will be in Artist Alley

April 21-23, C2E2, Chicago, IL

Both Bobby and Peter will be in Artist Alley H14

June 16-18, Heroes Con, Charlotte NC

Bobby will be in Artist Alley

August 25-27, Comic Con Palm Springs, Palm Springs CA

Bobby will be in Artist Alley

September 23-24, APE Expo, San Jose CA

Bobby and Peter will be in Artist Alley


We hope to see you there!


Mook Comedy Radio – Robin Hood



The Last Lethargic Adventures of Robin Hood!

An ancient and decrepit Robin Hood is forced out of Retirement to fight off the evil Sheriff and the King of Spain, but first, he must GET THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!

This is the first ever episode of Mook Comedy Radio!



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