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Top Five properties I’d love to work on.

I've always believed that working on an established property would help my career by raising my professional profile and introducing new fans to my work, and the pay would be nice... But there are some properties out there that I'd … Continue reading

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Help Kerry & Peter get an egg!

HELP KERRY AND PETER GET AN EGG!!! Are you a kind hearted soul wanting to help your fellow man? Or maybe you’re not so altruistic, but you’re tired of hearing us complain about not having children? Now is your chance … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Sir Roland Christmas!

Hail and well met, weary traveller! Thou shalt soon receive the gift of Sir Roland on this very Christmas Eve! Although you won't find the Adventures of this magically enchanted suit of armor that thinks its a knight under your … Continue reading

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Announcing DETECTOBOT!

Peter and I are very pleased to finally announce that you can now get the prologue to our new Monkeybrain comic for FREE on Comixology!   

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Monster Pin-Up Girls

Peter and I had an idea to make a deck of cards featuring Monster Pin-Up Girls! Great idea, right? So the goal is to post a new pin-up girl once or twice a week on my tumblr blog and at … Continue reading

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Peter Timony asks for help for the homeless.

And now, an important message from Peter Timony: On November 15, I am sleeping on the street and experiencing homelessness for just one night to show homeless youth that they are not alone. Also, to practice for my own future … Continue reading

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Print on Demand

For those of you who've asked, I had my new art book printed at, and I can't recommend them enough! They offer a quality product, highly competitive rates and the best customer service around. For aspiring artists: I do enjoy … Continue reading

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Bobby DRAW!

This week at New York Comic-con, I'll be debuting my new art/comics book Bobby DRAW!  Bobby DRAW! is a collection of artwork from my Bobby DRAW! Tumblr blog and comics drawn by me and featuring comic short stories written by … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Goblin Hood!

I'm pleased to announce that this October Goblin Hood will be appearing on the excellent comics app Double Feature.  For those who don't know, Double Feature is a great comics app where you can buy two 8 page comics for … Continue reading

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Another great Night Owls review

This bares repeating: People really like the Night Owls. For example, Here's Katie, of the "Life with Katie" blog, offering another great review of the book. Thanks, Katie!

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