Monster Pin Up Girls on Kickstarter!

Monster Pin Up Girls Playing Cards & Hardcover Art Book -- Kicktraq Mini


The Monster Pin Up Girls Kickstarter is LIVE!

They’re cute, they’re sexy, they’re scary and they’re fun! Coming soon, a full deck of Monster Pin Up Girl Playing Cards featuring 54 illustrations by artist Bobby Timony, and a sweet Hardcover Art Book showcasing the Card Art with a foreword written by renowned artist Molly Crabapple!
Bobby Timony is the artist behind The Night Owls, The Horror Lovers, Detectobot and Goblin Hood. He’s also a contributing artist on the comic anthologies Schmuck, Monster Elementary and SitComics. Now he’s turning to the famous crowd funding sight Kickstarter to help realize his latest project, Monster Pin Up Girls.
With 54 different monsters on each card, this promises to be one of the most entertaining decks of playing cards around! Fans of art and illustration will love the hardbound art book, featuring the illustrations in the deck, plus some examples of preliminary sketches and bonus material.
The Kickstarter is running now through Halloween.

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The Horror Lovers


There’s this comic I want to tell you about. It’s called The Horror Lovers and its a comedy/horror thing and its gonna be really good. You’ll love it. Just look at that cool cover up there! 

It’s written by Valerie D’Oarzio who’s written some other cool things like The Punisher and Emma Frost.

And its gonna be drawn by me and its going to look really sweet. I’m doing something a little different here. A little more exaggerated, a little more animated. Its going to be a lot of fun and I need your help to do it.

We’re running a kickstarter to fund the first issue. I would very much like for you to pitch in and tell all your friends to kick in too. This is a better, more worthy project than potato salad, I promise.

Lets look at the best case scenario, shall we? BEST CASE, we get funded, we finish the first issue. You get your reward, which is a great looking comic that’s a lot of fun. We get a spectacular first issue that gets picked up by a major publisher and blows up as the most popular comic in the world! Movies, TV, toys and video games follow! And you were there at the start. You helped make it happen. That’s BEST CASE, mind you.

Let’s look at the worst case. WORST CASE, you helped a couple of independent comic creators realize their goals and got a comic that looks nice, you guess but isn’t really your thing. Well, if helping people is the worst case, than we’re not doing to bad, are we?!?

Of course there’s a worse WORST CASE. What if I die in a car accident or have a brain aneurism or suffer a fatal puppy overdose before I finish the book?!? This is WORST CASE, mind you. In that case, Val will get someone else to draw it, I’ll get a nice memorial page in the front, and you’ll get a great looking comic that’s fun to read. Plus you will have helped fulfill my final wish before I shuffled off this mortal coil. Would you refuse me my FINAL WISH?!?

Anywhere, there’s much better incentives on the kickstarter page. Go peruse the rewards list, and check out some of the art. We thank you for your continued support!

-Bobby Timony

The Horror Lovers -- Kicktraq Mini

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Sir Roland #3

Attention Twinions and all fans of Sir Roland, the magical suit of armor that thinks its a knight.

Issue three of the continuing adventures of Sir Roland will be available tomorrow, July 9th on Comixology, written and drawn by Peter Timony with a cover by the esteemed and inimitable Gabe Ostley. Get it! Read it! Love it! Forsooth!


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Monster Pin Up Girls on Buzzfeed

There’s currently a list of 10 Monster Pin Up Girls on Buzzfeed, and we really want this to climb the social ladder, go viral and be seen by as many people as possible. So please help us out by blogging, reflagging, tweeting, liking, sharing rebuzzing and +1ing this as much as you can. Lets see how far we can spread this! You have your orders, now fly, my Twinions! FLY!!


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Top Five properties I’d love to work on.

I’ve always believed that working on an established property would help my career by raising my professional profile and introducing new fans to my work, and the pay would be nice…

But there are some properties out there that I’d want to work on, yes for all those reasons, but mostly because I love those properties! I have ideas, y’see. I have stories that I’d want to tell! I have new directions I’d want to take them in!

Some of you who know me can probably guess whats on this list, and maybe have already seen some sketches or pitches I’ve done already. I can get pretty vocal talking about my cool ideas.

These are the properties, in no particular order, that I really feel would offer me a creative and satisfying challenge, but could also benefit from my involvement. (Personally, I think that each of these ideas would sell like hot cakes. Hot cakes that grant wishes and lay golden retrievers.)

1. Laurel and Hardy

Knight001 Knight002laurelhardyVH


Peter and I have been Laurel and Hardy fans since we were toddlers. We have a great idea for a graphic novel featuring one feature length story and two short stories. We have a script that really captures the spirit and comedy of Laurel and Hardy. We just need a green light. And a publisher. Is anyone out there brave enough to publish a Laurel and Hardy comic?!?

2. The Wonder Twins

WT01Fb WT03FbWT04Fb


Twins with magic powers. Fun action-packed all ages adventures. A blue space monkey. All the ingredients are there to make the Wonder Twins the new breakout stars of the comics world! Our take, a mix of action, adventure and comedy, would go more into detail about the Twin’s mysterious origin, the source of their ring’s powers, and a quest to find the other missing power rings before a nefarious villain can use them to take over the galaxy! We could also play up the twin angle. Wonder Twins by real life twins!

3. Popeye

orfinkpopeye_vs_blutotalos 1

I have an idea for a Popeye graphic novel that would explore the sailor’s role as a father to his adopted son, and serve as a coming of age story to a now ten year old Swee’ Pea. Swee’ Pea is clever and smart, but can’t live up to his father’s tough guy reputation, and Popeye is having trouble relating to his educated son, so he decides a father/son bonding adventure is just what they need. When the Sea Hag shows up and adds real danger to their sea voyage, its only by teaming up their brains and brawn that they can hope to survive!

4. Mighty Mouse

MM12 MM13 MM14

Mighty Mouse has had a lot of different origin stories and interpretations. Our take would provide him with a new origin and some cool new bad guys, while honoring and incorporating the things that came before. You could expect a great mix of irreverent humor and superhero action if the Timony Twins got a hold of the original super rodent!

5. The Twilight Zone


Of course I’d love to take a trip to the Twilight Zone! Just one sic-fi story with a twist ending is all I need. I created this page mostly because I wanted to write something in Serling-speak and because Rod looked like someone who’d be fun to draw.

In summation, I expect the lucrative cash money offers to start pouring in any minute now, in spite of Mick Jagger’s claim that I can’t always get what I want. Maybe not, Mr. Jagger, but what about sometimes?!? I want them all, but I’d be happy with any one of these. Where’d I put that wish granting hot cake? I also want a puppy.


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Help Kerry & Peter get an egg!


Are you a kind hearted soul wanting to help your fellow man? Or maybe you’re not so altruistic, but you’re tired of hearing us complain about not having children? Now is your chance to help!

We are attempting to raise $5000 to buy a single egg, preferably human, which we plan to use to create a new person!


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A Very Merry Sir Roland Christmas!

Hail and well met, weary traveller!

Thou shalt soon receive the gift of Sir Roland on this very Christmas Eve! Although you won’t find the Adventures of this magically enchanted suit of armor that thinks its a knight under your Christmas Tree, you can look for it on that wondrous app called Comixology instead!

Indeed, on Decmber 24th the 1st issue of Sir Roland, written and drawn by Peter Timony, with a cover by Bobby Timony, featuring the secret origin of the hapless knight, will be available for purchase on Comixology for merely one cent less than a dollar!


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Announcing DETECTOBOT!

1sheetartPeter and I are very pleased to finally announce that you can now get the prologue to our new Monkeybrain comic for FREE on Comixology! 


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Monster Pin-Up Girls

Peter and I had an idea to make a deck of cards featuring Monster Pin-Up Girls! Great idea, right? So the goal is to post a new pin-up girl once or twice a week on my tumblr blog and at the end of the year we should have enough to make a deck of cards. Thats the plan.

Here’s the current design for the back of the cards.

And here’s a few of the pin ups!

Whattayathink so far?


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Peter Timony asks for help for the homeless.

And now, an important message from Peter Timony:

On November 15, I am sleeping on the street and experiencing homelessness for just one night to show homeless youth that they are not alone. Also, to practice for my own future homelessness, when my wife kicks me out. It’s more likely than you might think, especially when you learn that she found out about this the same way YOU did, by mass email. She might be reading this right now, with her pretty blue eyes narrowing and steam coming out her delicate ears. How I love my wife!

Anyway, I have often felt an affinity for our homeless brethren. Why, I would be one of them, if I didn’t have a home! This was recently very nearly the case, as my house was foreclosed on and I had to get out. I am fortunate that I was able to find a tiny little apartment that I can barely afford, many people are not so lucky. If you are reading this and you happen to be my landlord, I’m just kidding! I have lots of money, really.

I am asking you to help by supporting my efforts with a donation. It is faster and easier than ever to support this great cause – you can make your tax-deductible donation online by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of this message. If you prefer, you can also send your gift check made out to Covenant House to me at the address listed below.

Investors Bank
Attn: Peter Timony
1260 Springfield Ave.
New Providence, NJ 07974

Any amount, great or small, makes a difference. I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

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